Pearl Jam Quotes
Sharing some Pearl Jam poetry.
  • Before his first step…

    he’s off again.

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  • "Your disciples are riddled with metaphors… well hung."
    Rival (Pearl Jam)
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  • killingsisifo asked : This Blog is amazing! I'm so happy to found this! Is there a problem if I reblog some of your quotes? Regards from a freakie peruvian Pearl Jam fan!

    Oh, thank you sooo much. And i’m flattered that you like this blog! Of course not. And one more time, thank you! (:

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  • Hard as a statue, black as a tattoo, NEVER TO WASH AWAY.

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  • "I got scratches all over my arms; one for each day since I fell apart."
    Footsteps, Pearl Jam (via heartsandthoughtstheyfade)

    (Source: thereisnowaybackfromhere)

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  • "Music for me is one of the more healing art forms. I think anybody can put on a pair of headphones and put in a disk or play a record and have it change them."
    Jeff Ament, Pearl Jam (via grungeitup)

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