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Backstreet lover on the side of the road, I got a bomb in my temple that is gonna explode, I got a sixteen gauge buried under my clothes, I play…

Once upon a time I could control myself.

"It’s not the world that’s heavy, it’s just the things that you save."

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"I’ve worked hard with our producers to make sure that when you play our records on your stereo, you can feel the bass. You might not necessarily be able to hear it all the time, but if you turn it up you can feel the movement in the low end — that it’s moving the song. And when it’s not there, it should be creating a dynamic."

Música ouvida 601 vezes

Follow the wayward mile.
Follow the distant high.
Follow the strangest tribe.

I Am Mine, Pearl Jam.

"I wake up and wait up… when anger’s in fashion. I wake up and wait up… it all goes through the mansion. I wake up and wait up… when April’s in May. I wake up and wait up… the answers are fatal."

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Anonymous Asked:
If there were no angels would there be no sin?

I said:

You better stop me before I begin.

"Hormones firing like a fifty foot Roman, yeah. Please don’t make me explain (doesn’t matter anyway)."

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