Pearl Jam Quotes
Sharing some Pearl Jam poetry.
  • "Take what you want. Kill what you can. That’s just one way of the mind of man."
    The Whale Song (Pearl Jam)
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  • absentlamentation:

    And fuck me if I say something you don’t wanna hear
    And fuck if you only hear what you wanna hear
    Fuck me if I care,… but I’m not leaving here

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  • funkywe:

    Got a gun, fact I got two
    That’s ok man, cuz I love god
    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Feels so manly, when armed

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  • "I have a very limited sense of how valuable I am."
    Eddie Vedder (via yoursoulisinthemusic)

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  • Eats meat,

    a release, bus driving’s harder on your head than on your feet.

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  • "You. It’s you. It’s you, you, you."
    You (Pearl Jam)
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  • Backstreet lover on the side of the road, I got a bomb in my temple that is gonna explode, I got a sixteen gauge buried under my clothes, I play…

    Once upon a time I could control myself.

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  • "It’s not the world that’s heavy, it’s just the things that you save."
    Drifting (Pearl Jam)

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  • "I’ve worked hard with our producers to make sure that when you play our records on your stereo, you can feel the bass. You might not necessarily be able to hear it all the time, but if you turn it up you can feel the movement in the low end — that it’s moving the song. And when it’s not there, it should be creating a dynamic."
    Jeff Ament to Bass Player Magazine
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