Pearl Jam Quotes
Sharing some Pearl Jam poetry.
  • "Hormones firing like a fifty foot Roman, yeah. Please don’t make me explain (doesn’t matter anyway)."
    Black, Red, Yellow (Pearl Jam)
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  • "Can I forgive what I cannot forget and live a lie?"
    Speed Of Sound (Pearl Jam)
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  • "I wanna rise and say a-goodnight. I wanna take a look on the other side."
    Can’t Keep (Pearl Jam)
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  • piensoquepiensoperonopiensonada asked : I don't know if it's to late to request,
    but could you quote "I'm still here"?


  • My road it may be lonely, just because it’s not paved; It’s good for drifting, drifting away.

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  • "Oh, I didn’t give a shit at all. Punk rock is saying what you want and not giving a fuck."
    Eddie Vedder (Rolling Stone)

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