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manny-machado Asked:
Can I request a few?
I'll just do my top favorites, or at least the favorites at the moment.
Better Man, Just Breathe, Red Mosquito, You Are

I said:

Of course you can.

weareontheedge Asked:
Unthought known...

I said:

I said:

Hey, put in my ask any Pearl Jam song that you like and I’ll quote it.

I miss you already, I miss you all day.

I don’t mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence.

bitterhands-deactivated20120814 Asked:
Pearl jam is awesome,
this blog is awesome.

I said:

Yeah, Pearl Jam is awesome. And, thank you so much. :}

aninsect Asked:
Thank you so so so much for having this blog. I totally adore Pearl Jam. I live in Lima, Perú, and today was confirmed that they would come for the first time to Lima. You wouldn`t belive how exited I am. Thank so much for your blog, I could reblog every post. I love it.

I said:

Omg, I’m so flattered. I have to say thanks. I know how this is, they’ll come to Brazil too, and I’m so kljuiygfayu. You will see them, won’t you?

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