Pearl Jam Quotes
  • A truant finds home
    And a wish to hold on
    But there’s a trapdoor in the sun

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  • "The smallest oceans still get big, big waves."
    Tremor Christ (Pearl Jam)
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  • "Your dirt is my fucking food. Don’t you understand that by now?"
    Eddie Vedder, after licking a shoe thrown from the audience.
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  • Are we going to the same place? If so, can I come?

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  • "She knows their future’s burning, but she can smile just the same… And though her mood is fine today, there’s a fear they’ll soon be parting ways."
    Parting Ways (Pearl Jam)

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  • "My road it may be lonely, just because it’s not paved, it’s good for drifting, drifting away."
    Drifting (Pearl Jam)
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