Pearl Jam Quotes
Sharing some Pearl Jam poetry.
  • "Don’t see some men as half empty, see them half full of shit."
    1/2 full (Pearl Jam)

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  • "I’m questioning my education, is my education who I am now?"
    Education (Pearl Jam)
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  • I don’t show. I don’t share.
    I don’t need what you have to give.

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  • Can I forgive what I cannot forget and live a lie?

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  • Another man moved by sleight of hand.

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  • Pearl Jam
  • "Like Pilate, I have a dog — obeys, listens, kisses, loves."
    (Pilate - Pearl Jam)

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    Ah, que bom que gostou, fico feliz! Valeu. :) (desculpa a demora pra responder. não vi quando a ask chegou D:)