Pearl Jam Quotes
Sharing some Pearl Jam poetry.
  • "The man they call my enemy, I’ve seen his eyes. He looks just like me, a mirror."
    HelpHelp (Pearl Jam)
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  • "I have enough trouble playing bass and chewing gum at the same time."
    Jeff Ament (via alnostreet)
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  • samivedder asked : Olá! seu Tumblr é fod*!

    Hey, obrigada! Fico feliz que tenha gostado. :} (desculpa a demora pra responder)

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  • Pearl Jam
    Dirty Frank
  • His bus, your trust;
    There goes another turned into crust.

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  • lifewasted:

    Feel it rising, comatose with no fear of falling.

    (via winds-and-waters)

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  • "There must be an open door for you…
    to come back."
    Come Back (Pearl Jam)
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  • "Don’t see some men as half empty, see them half full of shit."
    1/2 full (Pearl Jam)
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