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Sharing some Pearl Jam poetry.
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  • if I behave, can you arrange a spacious hole in the ground?

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  • the-toms asked : Hey! I love the song "I'm still here" and I was just wondering, what exactly does 'be sound' mean? It's probably my favorite lyric from the entire song but I was just wondering what it meant? I can't find anything on Google and I was wondering if maybe you could help me or if one of your followers would be able to? Thank you very much :)

    Hey! Sorry for answering after all this time, haha.
    I believe it’s something like “be cool”, “be okay”, “be good” (you guys correct me if i’m wrong, please). You’re welcome. :)

  • I’M BACK!

    Not sure if you guys still care BUT Pearl Jam Quotes is back. Sorry for being absent, but the studies were really taking my time. I’ll try to post more often, and I ask for your help: FEEL FREE to submit favorite quotes. The submissions will be subject to my review, but since you use proper grammar and don’t submit repeated quotes, it will be posted. 

    PLUS, I’ll try to change the theme of the blog since it’s been the same forever. 

    I see I have some asks to respond, and I apologize for taking so long to do it. 

    To the old followers and to the new ones, THANK YOU very much!

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