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"São Paulo, parabéns por autorizar o casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo. (São Paulo, congratulations for authorizing marriage between people of the same sex)"

"Your dirt is my fucking food. Don’t you understand that by now?"

"Thats probably half the reason I wanted to be in a band - I wanted to see the world."

Jeff Ament

"I feel very blessed we can still have a career making music."

Mike McCready

"And I look forward to the time when I can become more indulgent with my songwriting. But this band is a family, and it’s a process that we have to grow with together."

Stone Gossard

"I’m just a midwife for the music.”

Eddie Vedder

"A lot of times, when a band finds success with a certain style or sound, they have a really hard time breaking away from that to grow as artists."

Matt Cameron

"I have a very limited sense of how valuable I am."

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"I wanna rise and say a-goodnight. I wanna take a look on the other side."

My road it may be lonely, just because it’s not paved; It’s good for drifting, drifting away.

"Oh, I didn’t give a shit at all. Punk rock is saying what you want and not giving a fuck."

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"This is, uh, a song we’ve been playing for a long time. But, ya’ can’t really play it unless you feel it. And, yeah, I feel it everytime."

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"It’s OK to be gay in Memphis, isn’t it? All right, let’s take a vote… Yes? No? Anyone who said ‘no’, you’re a fucking asshole. Grow up, get a life!"

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